Attendance Protocol

Attendance Policy

GUIDING PRINCIPLE - School Act - Section 12

A student shall conduct himself or herself so as to reasonably comply with the following code of

a) be diligent in pursuing the student’s studies;
b) attend school regularly and punctually:
c) cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services;
d) comply with the rules of the school;
e) account to the student’s teachers for the student’s conduct;
f) respect the rights of others


  1. Classroom attendance is crucial to academic success and the pursuit of excellence.
  2. Regular attendance is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian and student.
  3. The teacher’s role is to encourage full attendance and support this by maintaining accurate records and sharing concerns with students, parents, and reporting these concerns to administration.
  4. The administration with support from teachers, counselors, parents/guardians are responsible for collaborating with students to resolve critical attendance problems.
  5. Satisfactory attendance is required in ALL courses at CHS in order to fully participate in:
  • Graduation Cap and Gown ceremony *see implications bullet one
  • Sports Teams
  • Performing Arts
  • Field Trips
  • School Clubs

The students who are required to leave classes will first check with the teacher and then SIGN-OUT at
the Main Office (a student wishing to be admitted to the infirmary reports to the Main Office with
permission from their teacher - parents/guardians will be contacted). Students MUST have their
absence verified by a parent/guardian after checking out.

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