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Cochrane High School's focus is on providing instructional design that helps students connect to their passions, interests, and people; achieve their potential; and navigate successfully as global citizens.

All staff work together to ensure that Cochrane High School is organized to support the kinds of conditions that help all our students succeed. Inclusion is part of the culture in the building where staff come together to share a mutual responsibility for the results of all students. Relationships are emphasized and an important goal of staff is to collect and connect all students.

Cochrane High values high achievement. Instructional design is based on teacher collaboration and curricular connections. Staff endeavours to provide authentic learning experiences through community relationships. These meaningful learning opportunities inspire student engagement and make learning relevant. Teachers use their knowledge and understanding of how students learn to inform the pedagogical and content choices they make.

Cochrane High values the families that we serve in our community. A huge part of the success of Cochrane High School is the involvement, trust, and partnership of all our stakeholders. Administration values student feedback and has added a Principal’s Student Advisory Cobra Council to make sure students’ voices are heard and that they have a place in their learning community.

Cochrane High strives to create an inclusive learning environment where all students feel safe and cared for and that their learning needs are addressed. Our staff believes that all of our students are important individuals who can be brilliant and powerful learners. Staff understands the importance of collecting and connecting all students in the building by creating relationships based on trust and compassion. As Hattie (2009) found, “It is teachers … who have created positive student-teacher relationships that are more likely to have the above average effects on student achievement.”

Staff is working hard to identify and understand the damaging effects of racism and discrimination. We are committed to engage in those tough conversations to make sure all students and staff see that they are cared for. Loving and creative teachers have the ability to change society and the future by nurturing the well-being of the students entrusted into their care. Students learn best when they feel supported in their personal wellness. Staff is intentional in providing emotional support which includes genuinely caring about our students, respecting them, understanding their feelings, and being the adults that our students can depend on.

Cochrane High School emphasizes to our students that they are global citizens who can be powerful agents of change. Our students will be the next generation of problem solvers, caregivers, scientists, and doctors. COVID-19 has provided us an opportunity to help our students learn to cultivate compassion and increase resilience while building a safer and more caring community.

Community, Character, Commitment

Go Cobras!!!

Anne Kromm


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