Fast Track Application - G11 only

As we draw to the end of the first week of the second semester, we do have a few opportunities for students to fast-track some Grade 12 (30-level) core courses. The classes that have availability to accept Grade 11 students to fast-track are as follows:

·         Biology 30 in Block 1 and Block 4

·         Chemistry 30 in Block 1

·         Math 30-2 in Block 1

·         Physics 30 in Block 4

·         Science 30 in Block 4

·         Social 30-1 in Block 1 and Block 3

A reminder that to be eligible to fast-track, a student must have at least 90% in the 20-level pre-requisite. If there is more demand for a specific section of courses, we will start with those students with the highest grade in the pre-requisite course and fill to a max of 30 students.

If you wish to apply for these courses, please complete the Fast Track Application and send to either Mr. Hooper or Ms. Lebel.

Fast Track Application Form

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