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Learning Centre Teachers

Learning strategies support is offered through the Cochrane High School Learning Centre.

Please contact Midori Monan (mmonan@rockyview.ab.ca) or Cassi James (cjames@rockyview.ab.ca) for more information.

What is the Learning Centre?

The Learning Centre supports students with learning challenges, who require a low-to-moderate level of need to learn and reach their full potential, as indicated by their Individual Program Plan (IPP). The Learning Centre is staffed throughout the school day and during both flex blocks for students to access a quiet and supportive environment to complete work.

In the Learning Centre, the students' responsibility and active participation in their own school and learning experience is highly promoted. Students entering the Learning Centre will have demonstrated and communicated a genuine desire to address the learning challenges they are experiencing. The Learning Centre serves as a calm, quiet and productive space where students are motivated to learn in a supportive environment. Students recognize it is their responsibility to place themselves in an environment where good management and a productive work ethic is the norm.

The students’ experience in the Learning Centre complements and extends the subject-specific learning simultaneously taking place in their academic courses. By enabling students to attain skills and strategies essential to their success in high school subjects, they become actively involved in their learning and take greater responsibility to plan, monitor, and evaluate their own understanding.

What services does the Learning Centre provide?

  • Learning Strategies Instruction
  • Implementation and monitoring of an IPP (Individual Program Plan)
  • Provision of accommodations as outlined in each student’s IPP or Accommodation Plan
  • Consultation and collaboration for inclusive programming and wrap-around support services
  • Access to assistive technology
  • Specialized individual or small group curricular reinforcement
  • Test preparation and alternative testing environment
  • Development of self-advocacy and self-directed learning
  • Transition planning to post-secondary

What do students say about the Learning Centre?

“The Learning Center has been extremely valuable to me throughout my high school career providing me with: a quiet place to work, a positive and productive atmosphere as well as an extremely supportive and encouraging environment. I have completed the majority of my work during high school in the Learning Center as it provides a sanctuary from the noise and distractions of the normal classroom. The Learning Centre has done everything possible to aid me in my learning experience and is priceless.”

“I have found the Learning Center very valuable to my education. It gives me a class that I can ask questions and get help in all the areas I need. I have access to extra time for tests that relieves the pressure I always feel and the staff help to find studying strategies that work for me.”

“The Learning Centre is a judgment free place where I feel comfortable asking questions and getting help improving my assignments and tests. I am motivated because it is a quiet and supportive environment where I can get a lot of homework done and be productive. It has helped with reducing my anxiety and stress because the teachers are supportive and motivate my to keep trying. I get one-on-one time on improving tests and working on different learning strategies.”

Office Hours

If you would like to book a time to discuss your child, please contact Learning Centre Staff to make an appointment.

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