Post Secondary Fundamentals

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Helpful thoughts for Grade 12

  • 1st Applied 1st Qualified or Competitive Admission - which one is your program?
      • 1st Applied - In this system, applicants who meet minimum entrance requirements are admitted according to the date of their application.
      • Competitive - most popular and high demand programs follow this system. These programs establish a base line academic average for acceptance and may also include non-academic criteria. Letters of Conditional Acceptance are sent.
      • Early Admission - UofC - present final grade 11 average in 4 faculty specific courses required for admission - varies by program.  See Career Center for information. Deadline: Dec. 15th
      • Early Admission - Grade 11 marks   Standard Admission - January marks  Final Admission - June marks
  • Most University Programs are open as of October 1st

* Once you have a login, be sure to check back to university website/email for updates - they will send them to you there

* Do not use ApplyAlberta to update marks once submitted, update at specific universities using your log in

  • Apply for Residence at the same time as you do the school, unless specified
  • Scholarships - some schools have a separate application form and deadline
      • Dec. 15th Deadline to apply for Entrance Leadership & Scholastic Distinction
  • Competitive Admission Programs have an early close date
      • Nursing - Feb. 1st (MRU, UofC) March 1st (UofL, Red Deer)
      • Midwifery - Feb. 1st (MRU)
      • Business - March 1st (UofC)
      • Engineering - Feb. 28th (Red Deer), March 1st (UofL), May 1st (Med Hat)
        • RDC-BSc Engineering transfer program    50% seats will be 1st qualified, 50% of seats will be competitive
      • CHECK YOUR PROGRAM for Deadline or see Mrs. Wilhelm for help
  • Offer Acceptance Deadline : Please check - some are May 1, some may be June 1st
  • Final Document Deadline: August 1st - *this means no Aug. Exam rewrites accepted (EXCEPTION:  St. Mary's University College WILL accept summer school courses)


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