Academic Counselling

Counsellors are available to meet with you to discuss a variety of academic issues, including: ❖Performance Concerns ❖Psycho Educational Assessment Referrals ❖Accommodations ❖How to Get Good Grades / Study Strategies ❖Test-taking Skills / Strategies ❖Learning Styles / assessments ❖Academic goal setting / Contracts

Dealing with Exam Stress & Test Anxiety

Exam time can be pressure filled - Here are some links, brochures and info. sheets that may help.

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Study Skills

Here are links and resources to begin or tweak your study habits This year's tutor list (students, teachers, and organizations) is also available by contacting Guidance.

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Supplementary Resource List for Core Classes

One page with links to the most popular on-line tools to help students with academic concepts

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4 Year High School Planner

A paper version to track the courses you are taking for each year

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High school math Pre-requisites for Post Secondary

With the new math program at high school, Universities and Colleges are changing their entrance requirements for admission. This government site will keep us updated with changes

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Diploma Exam Prep Classes

Outside companies offer Diploma Exam Prep classes in numerous configurations and costs. Always found at the bottom of the tutor list and posted on the bulletin board outside the Guidance Office, they are also listed here.

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