Supportive Learning

What is Supportive Learning?

Supportive Learning refers to the education of students identified with mild, moderate, or severe disabilities requiring a high-to-moderate level of support to learn and reach their full potential - given opportunity, effective teaching and appropriate resources.

Instruction, combined with appropriate setting, is the key to success.  Decisions related to the placement of students are best made on an individual basis, in a way that maximizes their participation in the experience of schooling.

Who can access Supportive Learning?

  • Once a student has been accepted at Cochrane High School, our Rocky View School Psychologist completes a file review along with recommendations for programming
  • Learners identified with mild, moderate or severe disabilities
  • Areas of need may include academic, social/emotion, medical, physical, and behavioural needs
  • Students who have received formal assessments formal assessment by a psychologist or medical professional
  • Require a high to moderate level of support to reach their full potential
  • Require an Individualized Program Plan (IPP)

What does programming look like for a Supportive Learning Student?

  • Creation and monitoring of an IPP in a collaborative process, student, staff, and outside agencies
  • Modified, adapted or accommodated programs of study
  • Comprehensive training in the effective use of Assistive Technology
  • Provisions of accommodations and modifications as outlined in IPP
  • Potential access to Resource Assistant
  • Specialized one to one or small group instruction within the Supportive Learning Room
  • Test preparation and access to an alternative testing environment
  • Development of self-advocacy
  • Monitoring of student achievement
  • Life Skills programming
  • Recommendation for appropriate programming to enable student success
  • Transition planning

Office Hours

Should you wish to meet to discuss your child's individualized program or any concerns you may have please contact me to book an appointment.

For subject specific questions please contact your child's classroom teacher.

To learn more about the Supportive Learning Program please email Sinead Holzer at or call 403-932-2542.

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