Work for the Period March 15-19

Welcome back to Science 90!

We will be learning lots and moving along at a consistent pace. When we are doing Science, students are expected to be doing science every day of the week at home. It is imperative that students keep up, as the pace will be faster than that in Junior High. I recommend that at least 20 minutes be used to review terms and concepts from the day's lesson. The username and password for the LearnAlberta site are: LA53 and 4487.

We will use the online textbooks or arrangements can be made to sign one out for the year.

Students need to remain current with their Vocabulary lists and continually review the language of the science we are learning.

We will be finishing our third unit- Principles of Electricity

Monday- PA on Topics 3-5, opens at 12:30 + Intro Topic 8- Electricity Production and the Environment + Topic 8 Notes

Tuesday-Review of yesterday's PA + PA on Topics 5-7, opens at 12:30 + complete Topic 8 + Questions Pg 342 #1,2,4, Pg 343 #1,5-10 due Wednesday + Unit Review Questions Pg 349 #2,5,13,20,28,36,39 due Wednesday

Wednesday- Correct Text Questions + Test Review- Use the Checklist found on the Electricity home page.

Thursday- Electricity Unit Test

Friday- Compile Electricity Topic Questions grade + Begin Math



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