General things to know about Science 90

Welcome to High School, and Science 90. To be successful, students will have to be able to do the following:

- When going onto the LearnAlberta site, you are often asked for a username and password. They are as follows:

LA53 is the username, and 4487 is the password.

-Be consistent. This is the most important as Science is just one of the four core subjects you are taking this year. You need to work when in class and finish at home when necessary.

-Do homework every night (or day), 7 days a week. In order to be comfortable with your busy life, it is important to realize that there is 20 minutes available every day to finish work, keep up with vocabulary, or review the concepts presented to you. Do this for one week and you will feel confident, happy, and proud of yourself. It will become part of your routine and help you mature as a student. Testing performance will be enhanced.

-Be organized. Develop a routine for ensuring you know what you are responsible for, and when it is due to be completed. The CHS website will have all work for the week posted. As well, taking a picture with a phone of the homework board in class is something many kids have done with success.

- QuestA+ and EdQuest are sites that provide notes, quizzes, and tests to help students succeed. These should be bookmarked on your computer and used consistently as we move through a unit.

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