FLA Assessment Policy

French Language Arts Assessment Policy


A student’s final grade in any level of French Language Arts, Grades 9-12, represents individual achievement in the four language arts: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Formative assessments in French Language Arts (FLA) occur on a daily basis and are designed to help students work towards mastery of the curriculum. They may include work and activities such as practice quizzes, planning outlines, class discussions, peer and self-editing, comprehension questions, etc.  At the teacher’s discretion, formative assessments may be recorded in PowerSchool as part of the process towards a graded summative assessment.

The teacher will design summative assessment tasks that reflect all four of the language arts.

Summative assessments are numerically graded to represent the student’s achievement in terms of the outcomes being assessed in the assignment. In FLA, multiple outcomes are often being assessed in one assignment. Over the duration of a course, students can expect to be required to complete 10 to 15 summative assessments - which may include letter-writing and opinion essays (Grade 9), personal responses and critical analysis of text (Grades 10-12), oral conversations with the teacher, presentations, reading comprehension, grammar quizzes, listening evaluations, and visual projects.


Students who take FLA courses at Cochrane High School can expect that they will have:

  • instruction during class time that will fully explain assignment requirements

  • adequate time to complete assignments before due dates

  • opportunity to ask questions during class time

  • opportunity to meet with teacher during Flex time

  • opportunity to improve assignments by revising before the due date

  • limited opportunity to improve a mark by redoing an assignment



Hand in a hard copy when requested to do so.  Otherwise, these format rules apply to both hard copies and electronically-submitted copies.

  • All assignments must be neat and easy to read.

  • When using a word processor, use left justification and choose a standard font (e.g. Times New Roman 12 pt.).  Print in black ink on plain white 8 1/2" by 11" paper.

  • When handwriting, write or print neatly in blue or black ink on lined paper.

  • Always double-space.

  • The most recent draft should always be on top.



A second chance on a MARKED assignment is a privilege, not a right, and is subject to the following conditions:

  • The student must consult with the teacher about the initial assignment at a time predetermined with the teacher (before school, during lunch, during Flex or after school)

  • The initial assignment was complete and handed in on the due date

  • Each assignment can be revised only once

  • Your rewrite is not simply the correction of spelling/grammar errors

  • A short written explanation of changes may be required of the student on the rewrite

  • Changes must be highlighted on the rewrite

  • Previous drafts, rubrics, checklists and planning may be required by the teacher

  • All rewrites will be subject to a firm deadline

  • On some assignments, the rewrite must be a completely new assignment.


Students who do not submit assignments by the due date, and who do not speak with the teacher about deadline extensions, will be required to hand in the assignment regardless of their reason for not doing so. Late assignments will not be penalized by a reduced mark.

The cut-off due date for a missing assignment will be set by the teacher, at their discretion. This means that work cannot be submitted during exam weeks.

The following conditions may apply:

  • You will be required to complete the assignment during Flex. If the task isn’t completed within a reasonable time period, the situation will be referred to the grade level Administrator.

  • There may be no descriptive feedback on the assignment, only a mark.

  • There will be no opportunity to revise the assignment.

  • Until the assignment is marked, the mark will be recorded as “missing”, with a placeholder mark of zero (NHI), in PowerSchool.

  • This policy may also apply to students who request extensions on assignments for any reason, including vacations and school activities.


Plagiarism and cheating are serious issues of academic dishonesty and will be dealt with in a serious manner. This includes using a translator (ex. GoogleTranslate) as your own work.

If you have been found to have plagiarized on an assignment or cheated on a test, the following consequences may occur:

  • School administration may be informed

  • The student may be given another chance to complete a similar assignment, under supervision and restrictions of access/time.

  • The student may be suspended from class until a re-admittance meeting is held with administration.



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