Mathematics 30-1 Course Outline

Mathematics 30-1

Mrs. Carolyn Pawelko

Please email questions to prior to 7 pm

Students are expected to access the moodle site every day to facilitate and supplement their learning.


Mathematics 30-1 is designed for students with an interest in mathematics and who are intending to pursue post-secondary studies at a university or in a mathematics-intensive program that requires Calculus.  Math 30-1 emphasizes the theoretical development and practical applications of topics from the areas of algebra, functions and graphing, trigonometry, and pre-calculus skills up to a level acceptable for entry into universities and other post-secondary institutions.

Pre-requisite: Math 20-1 with a minimum mark of 60% or

Math 20-1 with a mark of 50-59% AND a waiver









Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


Trigonometry – Functions and Graphs


Analyzing Radical and Rational Functions


Polynomial Functions and Equations


Trigonometry – Equations and Identities


Permutations and Combinations


Summary Exam


Diploma Exam



Unit Tests                                 30%

Summary Exam                         5%

Collaborative Inquiry               10%

Unit Reviews                              5%

Final Exam (diploma)                50%


Students will be using the notes provided and doing examples from the Pre-Calculus Mathematics 12 Workbook. Students have the option to copy the material from the book although this is VERY time consuming. The workbook can be purchased for a cost of $15.00 (see your teacher for details).

Additional material will be used when necessary from Pre-Calculus 12 and from additional online sources.  Students will be expected to download material from the internet in preparation for unit tests and the diploma exam.


  1. Course Expectations: Mathematics 30-1 is an academic math course.  It is expected that students have a final grade in Math 20-1 of 60% or above in order to enter this course.  Students should have a final mark of 60% or above to have a reasonable expectation of success in Math 30-1.
  2. Attendance:  ALL classes are important, whether we are doing a lesson, activity, quiz, test or review.  Every missed class is a missed opportunity to learn and will result in students putting in ample amounts of their own time to catch up.  Students are to tell the teacher IN ADVANCE of field trips, vacations, tournaments, etc. and then to arrange a time to meet with the teacher prior to the absence in order to stay on top of the lessons.  With the exception of an illness documented by a parent, students who miss class and do not inform the teacher ahead of time will be expected to catch up on their own. For School Attendance Policy, see the Student Handbook on the Cochrane High Website.
  3. Class Time: Students are expected to be ready to start at the beginning of class, required to work until the end of class, and any remaining work is to be finished at home.  Mathematics is a skill, and practice is needed to become proficient.  All assignments must be completed.  If finished early, the student is required to review previous material.
  4. Late Policy: Students who are continually late for class will spend flex time to make up time missed.
  5. Math Help: Extra help is available during flex time.   Anyone achieving less than 75% is presumed to have an unsatisfactory understanding of the material and is expected to seek extra help.  See classroom for schedule.
  6. Homework: Any work not completed in class must be done outside class time. Students are required to complete all assignments AND notes.  Assignments will be presented to the teacher at the time requested. Assignments that are deemed incomplete will not receive a mark until completed, and students will be asked to stay at flex time to complete the task. Marks will be deducted if the notes and assignments are not clear and complete.  A unit outline and deadlines are recorded on the whiteboard in the classroom and Moodle.
  7. Quizzes: Quizzes may not be announced, and they will be given frequently
  8. Missing Exams/Quizzes: Students must write all exams. Students who miss exams or quizzes will receive a mark of zero, unless the teacher has been notified by phone or voice mail at least 24 hours prior to the exam regarding the situation. The teacher may request a doctor’s note or certificate. Missed exams with cause will be written in flex time the next available day. School policy is in effect for missing quizzes or exams.
  9. Appeals: Refer to student handbook
  10. Graphing Calculator: A graphing calculator is required for Math 30-1. A TI-84 or TI-83 will be used in class by the instructor and is recommended, although other models are acceptable.   TI-85 calculators are NOT allowed. Students should be aware of Alberta Education Diploma Examination Policy. Calculators are to be cleared of all programs, games, etc, before exams and quizzes.
  11. Healthy snacks and water are permitted in class, provided that students clean up their own mess. Pop, junk food, French fries, pizza, etc., will not be permitted in the classroom.
  12. Corrections for half marks: Students may make corrections to any of their completed ASSIGNMENTS for half the missing marks. Since mathematics is relentlessly cumulative, corrections are due prior to the next time the homework book/review is taken in. Corrections must be made next to the original question in a different color. THIS POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO QUIZZES OR UNIT TESTS.
  13. Technology: Students are expected to monitor the Moodle sites DAILY, along with the online marks program regularly, in order to make the most of their learning opportunity in math this semester.
  14. Classroom Etiquette: Students are NOT permitted to wear any hats or any other type of headgear in class.  Students are expected to maintain a tidy and clean classroom for the benefit of all students and staff.  At the end of each class, please pick up any paper, etc. on the floor (even if you did not put it there).  All students are to be respectful of one another and the teacher.  Appropriate language and dress are also expected.  Students will be given one warning.  Students may be asked to leave the room and/or report to the office if unable to meet this expectation.
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