Guidance & Counselling Services

2016 - 2017 Guidance Staff

  • Grade 9 & 10  - Dr. Lupart

Office Hours: Monday, Wed, Thurs, Fri (no Tues) 9am - 5pm

Booking Appointments:

Meet Dr. Lupart

  • *New for 2017-2018  Grade 11&12 - Ms. Christiana van Ysselsteyn

Office Hours: Tues to Fri  9am - 5pm

August Appointments:


  • Career Advisor -  Karen Girard

Office Hours: Tues to Thurs  9am - 4pm

Booking Appointments:



Timetable Change Process

Exam Time each semester are the primary times to make schedule changes. It is crucial that students view their next year schedule in June and make appointments to change courses during exam time. A very short window of time is given at the beginning of each semester for changes but these are done on a priority basis:  new students with no schedule, students who have completed summer school courses and now need an option, core classes missing or wrong sequence, and lastly option changes.

Each person on our team has different availability due to contract and out of office meetings.






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