CHS School Supply List

At Cochrane High School students need the usual general supplies as well as the following specific items:


Grade 9 students should have a scientific calculator with fraction and exponent capabilities. It is recommended that students have their math teacher check their calculator prior to use.

Grade 10 - 12 students pursuing applied or pure math require a TI 83 plus or TI84 plus calculator.

Subject Specific

Teachers will inform students about specific items required for their classes on the first day of school.


A significant change taking place at CHS this year is our expanded wireless network that will support our One to One initiative. Cochrane High School is moving forward with the personally-owned devices POD’s (laptop) initiative.

Vendor information and special pricing for our families is available on our school website. Click on the 21st Century Learning tab and then the Vendor tab, sign in as “chsparent” and use the password “chsparent”.

For those students requiring a CHS computer for daily use please contact our library staff to register for a computer, complete the CHS computer waiver form. These forms can be found under the 21st Century Learning tab under one-to-one in the navigation bar.

Please visit the following link for more information.

For Laptop requirements please visit the link below.

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