Schulich Leader Scholarship

The Schulich Leader Scholarship is a nomination-only award worth up to $100,000 - see for details.
Cochrane High School is eligible to nominate one student for this scholarship.

If you believe you qualify, are willing to do the work for the application, and would like the school to consider you for nomination, please submit a letter to Mr. Polhill BY JANUARY 15 indicating why you feel you fit the criteria and should be nominated.
This letter will be your opportunity to stand out, so please be thorough in your letter and also include things that we may not know about you from outside of school.
The selected nominee, determined by February 1, will be provided with the application form.
Please review the following criteria and the application process.
  • Graduate high school  2017/2018 academic year
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Plan to enroll in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) program at one of their partner universities (click on this link to see the universities - click on the university logo to see the programs that apply at that institution)
  • Meet at least two of the following criteria:
    • Academic excellence
    • Leadership (community, business or entrepreneurial)
    • Financial need
  • Not planning a career as a medical practitioner
Application includes:
  • The universities you wish to attend
  • Your top three achievements (academic or other)
  • 600 word essay demonstrating why you should win
  • Optional 250 word essay to outline extenuating circumstances
  • Short answer to identify where you see yourself in 10 years
  • Two single-page letters of reference that include email and telephone contact information for verification
  • Copy of up-to-date transcript, credit counsel summary (for financial need) or detailed academic report
  • Headshot profile image for publicity
If you have any questions about this, please make an appointment to see me .
Mrs. Girard
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