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Helpful thoughts for Grade 12

  • 1st Applied 1st Qualified or Competitive Admission - which one is your program?
      • 1st Applied - In this system, applicants who meet minimum entrance requirements are admitted according to the date of their application.
      • Competitive - most popular and high demand programs follow this system. These programs establish a base line academic average for acceptance and may also include non-academic criteria. Letters of Conditional Acceptance are sent.
      • Early Admission - UofC - present final grade 11 average in 4 faculty specific courses required for admission - varies by program.  See Career Center for information. Deadline: Dec. 15th
      • Early Admission - Grade 11 marks   Standard Admission - January marks  Final Admission - June marks
  • Most University Programs are open as of October 1st

* Once you have a login, be sure to check back to university website/email for updates - they will send them to you there

* Do not use ApplyAlberta to update marks once submitted, update at specific universities using your log in

  • Apply for Residence at the same time as you do the school, unless specified
  • Scholarships - some schools have a separate application form and deadline
      • Dec. 15th Deadline to apply for Entrance Leadership & Scholastic Distinction
  • Competitive Admission Programs have an early close date
      • Nursing - Feb. 1st (MRU, UofC) March 1st (UofL, Red Deer)
      • Midwifery - Feb. 1st (MRU)
      • Business - March 1st (UofC)
      • Engineering - Feb. 28th (Red Deer), March 1st (UofL), May 1st (Med Hat)
        • RDC-BSc Engineering transfer program    50% seats will be 1st qualified, 50% of seats will be competitive
      • CHECK YOUR PROGRAM for Deadline or see Mrs. Girard for help
  • Offer Acceptance Deadline : Please check - some are May 1, some may be June 1st
  • Final Document Deadline: August 1st - *this means no Aug. Exam rewrites accepted (EXCEPTION:  St. Mary's University College WILL accept summer school courses)


Specifics by University

Applications open: October 1   Note some applications have early application deadline of Feb 1
Open House:
Saturday, October 29, 2015
9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
The Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning
Admissions based on self-reported grades - top 2 group A courses
- Nursing apply early if you can self-report 95% on 2 top 2 grades (don't have to be in required courses, as long as they are Group A - see Mrs. Girard)

- Last year, when they went to wait-list, no one was admitted with less than 93.5%

Diploma in Media Studies has been discontinued.  Mount Royal University offers the only Bachelor of Communication Studies with a major in Broadcast Media Studies available in western Canada.
Applications open October 19


We will be taking a bus - interested students MUST see Mrs. Girard before Oct 12

October 28&29 (students can apply for 1 program free on these days) 9 am - 4 pm

A lot of SAIT programs are first applied/first admitted if you meet the qualified, so advice is to apply early as many fill very quickly.

Some programs are competitive, and will have other requirements, but begin rolling acceptances by application date.  See Mrs. Girard for information

If you were looking at SAIT before, be sure to check to make sure you qualify as some programs have new admission requirements



Last year UofL hit record enrolment.  Many programs are non-competitive, meaning if you have a 65% average in the required courses you will get admitted,HOWEVER, if numbers stay as high as last year, 1/2 way through the application period courses may go competitive (meaning highest grades get in first) - MESSAGE:  APPLY EARLY

*DID YOU KNOW:  Many of UofL degrees will accept Math 30-2.

Apply by December 15 to be eligible for certain awards (automatic - no application necessary)

Interesting facts:   UofL is one of the few universities who post positions for EA Games (Computer Sciences)

New Programs:

Bachelor of Health Sciences - Aboriginal Health

Bachelor of Science - Applied Statistics

Pre-Engineering Transfer - University of Saskatchewan

Post-Diploma programs in:  Therapeutic Recreation, AND Public Health and Health Leadership

BA - Kinesiology - PE, Sports and Recreation - while they still require Math 30-1 to get into the course, will accept your Math 30-2 grade for admission.  If this is an option, but don't think you will do as well in Math 30-1, it would be an advantage to take both - get a good grade in Math 30-2 for admission purposes, and pass 30-1 to be able to have the pre-requisite for courses.

Nursing - Application deadline Mar 1 but apply early. If you don't meet the competitive grade for nursing (87% last year), put pre-nursing as a 2nd choice.  If you are denied from nursing, you may be admitted to pre-nursing (done in order applications received).  You will still have to compete for nursing placement the next year, but will have some courses completed.

HOUSING:  If you are hoping to attend UofL, apply for housing ASAP. Housing is done by lottery,  and the earlier you apply, the more lotteries your name will be entered into.

The following link contains a list of application deadlines for specific programs.  Please check carefully to make sure your information is in on time:



Applications Open Oct 1 - Early Application Deadline Dec 15

Final Deadline - March 1

3 intakes:
Early - based on Grade 11 and any completed grade 12 marks (averaged using academic requirements only - ie doesn't take into account fifth subject)

Standard - based on completed grade 12 marks after January exam, and grade 11 marks for any other subjects

Final - only if there are any positions left in programs, an additional selection will be made after final grade 12 exam marks are in.


October 1  10:00 am - 3 pm

MEN IN NURSING EVENT - RSVP required - TBA - Watch school announcements
The Faculty of Nursing is hosting an information session for high school guys interested in the nursing program.


University of Calgary will noW ask students to pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 within 30 days of accepting their offer of admission.  If you do not pay this deposit within the allotted time, your offer will be rescinded, and offered to the next student in line


University of Calgary has a 2 year residence guarantee for first year students as long as they apply for residence before April 30.

Automatic for students with 91% or higher in required academic subjects



Applications open Oct. 1 - Application deadlines vary depending on program
Admissions 101:

OPEN HOUSE - October 22 Free bus for one student plus one chaperone will be leaving Calgary Center ($20 deposit required - will be returned to you when you get on the bus)

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