Science 9

Hi - The Science 9 Final Exam is the Provincial Exam - which is Tues Jan 24 9 - 10:15. (extra time provided for IPP students given this accomodation on their IPP). I will have a tutorial on Monday Jan 23 9 - 11 am. This is optional, but I strongly encourage students to attend. I handed out a study guide for the final exam before Christmas break and asked the students to read it over and check off those questions they are unsure of. For the next 2 weeks I have asked them to start studying for the exam by using the study guide each night and using their notes and unit checklists to find the answers, and to come in during flex to work on this, and get help. This week we are finishing up Space and starting Electricity. Monday Jan 16 is the Space Unit Test. The Space Checklist and the internet project "Celestial Who's Who" is also due on that day. Thursday Jan 19 is the last day to hand in late assignments and makeup missed exams. It is a busy time at CHS getting units completed and reviewing for Finals. Students will need to give an extra push and work hard during these next 2 weeks. 2nd semester begins Jan 31. We will being doing the Grade 9 Math curriculum for the 2nd semester. Cheers - Mrs. Moore
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