Science 10

Feb 2018 Hi- Welcome to Science 10. We will begin with the Chemistry Unit. There will be a Chapter 1 test and a Chapter 2/3 test for this unit, as well as small performance assessments (PA) each week to make sure everyone is keeping up. If you should get 60% or less on any PAs make sure you come to CONN3CT right away to get help and make sure you understand these skills as you need them to keep advancing. Monthly calendars with due dates are posted on this site, as well as the Course Outline. Marks are found in PowerSchool. Cheers, Mrs. Moore
S10 Course Outline Semester 1 2017 - 2018
Science 10 Monthly Calendars
please note: dates may change owing to missed classes (weather, assemblies, fire drills etc.)! If so, changes will be on classroom due date board.
Science 10 Lab Writeup Instructions
Online test practice
links to great site for chem review for grades 9 - 12 and Science Focus 10 practice quiz site
Unit 1 CHEMISTRY Ch 1-3
Unit 2 PHYSICS Ch 4-6
Unit 3 BIOLOGY Ch 7-9
Review for Final Exam
Use the reviews we gave out during the semester for the Chemistry, Physics and Biology Unit Tests for reviewing for the final. You will find the review tests and their keys in the Chemistry, Physics and Biology Unit Folders. Posted is a checklist for the Science 10 Final exam.
10 point marking scheme for graphs, tables, scientific illustration
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