Bio 20

Hi - Welcome to Bio 20. We will begin in February with Ch. 5 Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration, continue with human body systems, and then finish the year with an Inquiry project on Green Architecture and Urban Agriculture and Chapters 1-4 in the textbook. The Inquiry projects will be based on concepts in Ch. 1-3, design thinking, Biomimicry, and the concepts in the fields of Green Architecture and Urban Agriculture. To help with preparing for tests you have notes, a checklist for each test, practice tests on our Google Classroom site, as well as helpful sites on the internet:, Crash Course and Science Show, Khan Academy, and other links on your notes. Monthly calendars for the course listing daily work, due dates and test dates will be posted as well as notes and powerpoints, so when you have to be away you can get your work done ahead of time or while you are away. Cheers - Mrs. Moore
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